Who Are We

Bluegrass F1 Wagyu is owned and operated in the heart of Kentucky with the mission to provide the best of the best F1 Wagyu beef in the industry.

Finn Green, Chef Tim Sullivan, Rich Decker

Our History

Quality over Quantity

We focus on providing the best of the best by recognizing our mission is quality, not quantity.

We’ve taken our winning approach to breeding and raising world-class racehorses and applied those same principles to produce the best F1 Wagyu crosses.

World Famous Kobe comes from Full Blooded Wagyu under strict certification standards and while it has great appeal to a worldwide following we bred Full Blooded Black Angus to the Wagyu resulting in our “Bluegrass F1Wagyu”, a meat with more texture and flavor.  While A-5 Wagyu is held at a very high standard we believe that raising and feeding our cattle the fruits of the Bluegrass Region, in our hays, corn, and distiller dry grains we’ve produced a meat that has a texture, chew, and flavor that is regularly acclaimed “The Best of The Best”.